The Premier Graduate Program

History – The Challenge – 2017

At no time during my 30-year IT talent acquisition career has the supply of high quality technical resources ever exceeded the demand for such resources. The notion that this gap will only continue to grow over the coming years is an understatement of the obvious.

Many organizations are facing the future of this challenge today… The upcoming retirement and knowledge loss of large groups of people with 30 plus years of IT experience within the next 5 to 10 years…and no immediate plans to replace that knowledge or anticipate for future growth.   Keeping up with the IT hiring pace and current technology advancement is one thing, but losing millions of dollars of proprietary IT program and systems knowledge at the same time could be devastating for any organization.

Hiring competent software engineers and other critically skilled technologists requires time and resources. It is very difficult to do well.  I’ll also be the first to admit that most external technical recruiters are mediocre at best and internal HR departments are woefully ill equipped to handle this kind of recruiting. Companies are burdened with increasing demand, limited supply and a lack of internal resources/programs to even make a dent in the problem.

In response to these circumstances my partners and I have spent the last year and a half developing a very unique program to recruit, vet, test and secure highly educated, specifically skilled and immediately productive technical talent to help contend with these trends

We would like to invite you to leverage our program to help support your IT hiring needs (both permanent and contract) moving forward.

The Solution

The “Premier Graduate Program” is designed to help support your immediate IT hiring needs (both permanent and contract) and to ensure that your future talent development pipelines are seeded with the best and brightest. This is far more than a college-recruiting program…the essential core components of the program are as follows:

  • MS or PhD graduates from top US academic institutions with Computer Science or related majors. 
  • Tested and/or trained with a strong interest in the specific domain that your business serves. 
  • All of our Premier Graduates have scored well in either Java, C# or C++.  (We can test/train in a broad spectrum of skills in addition to these).
  • The vetting process includes other intangible skills as well as communication skills (written and verbal) as well as consultative and client facing capabilities.          

Your expectation should be…

  • These candidates will be productive immediately.
  • They will relocate to anywhere in the US at no expense to you
  • Price points are comparable or below near/off shore resources.
  • We will manage the care and feeding of the graduates including compensation and any benefits or other additional productivity related support required

**We have built the recruiting/vetting engine in such a fashion that we can scale the volume of vetted candidates rapidly.**


  • Hourly rates are based on volume and specific circumstance but will be very competitive with near/off-shore rates
  • With recent INS extensions, most Premier Graduates will still have close to 36 months of OPT (Optional Practical Training) before any type of Visa expenses will need to be incurred
  • Standard pricing would include the ability to hire the Premier Graduates with no additional placement fee after 12 months


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